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Trend on Trial – Oil Pulling

Our Beauty Senior Account Executive, Amber, tried and tested the ancient beauty ritual of oil pulling. Here were her findings: Keeping my teeth white is an endless vicious circle as I pride myself on being

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How To Fake A Tan: Home and Away

For centuries pale skin was considered the ultimate beauty ideal. Fair skin represented how you were wealthy enough to stay inside while the poor toiled outside in the sun. Women were so desperate to be

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My Internship with CCD

Our fabulous beauty intern, Matilda Zarza, tells us all about her experience while working at CCD PR over the last couple of months: I’ve been an intern for the Beauty team for nearly two months

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Vegan Beauty

Our new intern Laura Towner takes a look into all things vegan! Veganism has been a big topic so far in 2016. In a 2015 poll, 51% of the 12,800 people who officially registered to

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Festival Season Beauty

Now that the festival season is in full swing, it can only mean one thing – we’re one step closer to summer. In case you haven’t heard, Coachella -The California Music & Arts Festival has

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From University to Beauty PR

The end of university is a very exciting time, all that sweat, blood and tears will have finally paid off. You are finally free from the dreaded essays, soul destroying dissertations and will never have

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The CCD Christmas Wishlist

It may have taken a while to get here, but finally it’s Christmas Eve, and we can’t wait to spend the evening in a cosy pub, drinking mulled wine and eating one too many mince

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Wear It Pink Friday

A couple of weeks ago, the CCD Beauty team decided that the office should partake in Wear It Pink day and try to raise some money in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness month. Straight away

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Autumn Skin Care

September can feel like it’s time for back to school, no matter what age you are! Who else remembers getting their new pencil case, filled with shiny new stationary? Luckily, this same feeling can be

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Sheer Summer

When it comes to summer you really ought to cut down on the number of cosmetics you are applying on a daily basis and instead reach for those essential items that will provide maximum protection

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Dupes – Rate or Slate?

This week team beauty have been talking beauty dupes! What is a dupe? A dupe is a high street product that looks and performs very similar to its costly, high-end counter-part. Why shell out over

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Skin is in for Spring

I think we can all happily say that spring has officially sprung! After the long, dark, gloomy days of winter (and when I say long, I really do mean long!) finally the days are extending

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