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#CanCantDont – Peach Blusher

Peach Cheeks

After much deliberation, for this week’s CanCantDont we decided to test out peach blushers. For some of us, blusher is a whole new world while on the other hand a few of us are blusher addicts! Read on to see what we all thought of peachy cheeks…

Christina – When someone mentioned blusher for this week’s CanCantDont I wasn’t entirely sure it would work for me. Being quite rosy-cheeked anyway, I haven’t really used blusher until fairly recently. Therefore my stash is very limited. So for this trend I borrowed Neelam’s MAC matte blusher in Melba. It was incredibly easy to apply and blend (nothing worse than non-blended blush, NOTHING!) and a little goes a long way. I really like this look – it can be as subtle or as bold as you want, but the peach tone is really fresh and great for spring which seems to be making an appearance *holds breath for snow*

Verdict: CAN

Amrita – My name is Amrita and I am a self-confessed blusher fiend. Whether it’s powder or cream, I have a massive stash of blushers in my collection so I knew that I’d have some kind of peachy shade in the deep dark depths of my drawers. What I found was that I own quite a few peachy/orange blushers so you can imagine that I had a great time have a mini swatch-fest this morning while trying to find the one for me. In the end I went for an old faithful in the shape of ‘Style’ by MAC Cosmetics which was actually the first peach toned blush I bought after seeing it on countless beauty blogs and Youtube videos. The shade is almost a ‘one size fits all’ kind of product but I know that it’s a bit hit or miss with some people because it has a frost finish to it, although there is no glitter or shimmer if you were wondering. It’s more of a metallic-ish sheen running through it making it great for when you have a tan or just in the summer when you want something for the light to touch on. As today’s trial was for full on peachiness, I had to add to it using a limited edition Sleek MakeUP blush in Pan Tao which was from their Avoir La Peche collection of yesteryear which gave it more of a pop.

Is it a look for everyone? Yes, but make sure you find the right shade of peach for your skin tone otherwise it’ll look wrong.

Verdict: Can

Elaine – If your skin is looking a bit dull or if you’re just a bit tired you really can’t go wrong with a pop of peach blusher to bring everything back to life. Many a hungover Sunday has been made slightly less traumatic with the help of makeup, with blusher being my number one product in faking a healthy glow. For today’s Can Can’t Don’t I used Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Long-Wear Blush in a shade called ‘tipsy’ which is a gorgeous coral peach. It looks very bright in the pan but when on the cheeks it creates a beautiful wash of colour.

Verdict: Can

Lizzy – Being a resident of Essex, bronzer is part of my DNA so I’m rarely plastering on the blusher as well.  Therefore, this week’s challenge was slightly alien to me, especially with the chosen peach shade.  I love colour so I opted for a Sleek Blush in Pan-Tao, an eye-popping neon orange.  I applied using my finger just because the pigment is extremely intense, so I wanted to avoid ‘clown-face’.  I was really surprised that it left a subtle, warm peachy finish, and I really like it, so I’ll definitely swap the bronzer for the blush from now on. (Don’t quote me on that though!)

Verdict: (apparently I) CAN

Neelam – For this week’s CanCantDont I was excited that we were going to be testing out peach blushers! I love blusher but tend to normally lean towards pink blushers, so trying a peach one out today was a nice change. I managed to find the most gorgeous peach blusher in my collection – Witty Peach by Estee Lauder. If the ombre style blush isn’t enough to win you over, the classic gold Estee Lauder packing is gorgeous! It gave a lovely wash of colour and gave a nice little ‘glow’ to my skin. Thumbs up from me! I’ll definitely be reaching for my peach blushers more often.

Verdict: Can

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