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#CanCantDont – 90’s Brown Lip


As #CanCantDont is upon us once again, this time we step into a time warp and take trend inspiration from the 90’s. Programme’s like Friends and films such as Clueless pull off this look best. The brown lip, is what we’re talking about it, and since its been back with vengeance this year, it would be wrong not to try this trend out! Here’s how we got on…

Amanda: For this look it was simple, I used a lip pencil to create a really definitive finish. I wanted it to be bold, the browner the better! To create this I used an Estee Lauder Artist’s Lip Pencil in the colour Mocha Writer, it left me with a matte finish that lasted all day. I really love this colour and with 90’s fashion making a big comeback this year, it works well. This is something I would definitely wear if it was a more casual day look!

Verdict: CAN

Christina: At first I thought I was going to hate this trend. Back in the 90s I was a pink lip girl through and through. For this look I tried bareMinerals Marvellous Moxie lipstick in Rise Up. It’s quite a light brown which is good for my pale skin, and surprisingly I don’t absolutely hate it! I don’t think I’ll give up my berries and pink shades for this but it doesn’t look terrible and has definitely opened up my mind to more lip colour possibilities. For me it’s a can but it might take a while for me to brave this look in public.

Verdict: CAN

J0: I’m not going to lie, I was secretly excited to try this week’s #CanCantDont – I’ve been gagging to do a dark lip since it got cold and dark, and a 90’s one is even better! Inspired by 20 year old photos of Anna Friel and Liz Hurley, I plastered on a good layer of OCC Lip Tar in Pennyroyal with glee, hoping I’d look vampish without the goth element, and very very now. It was not to be. I looked just like I’d had a good go on a Galaxy. So, I blotted it right down and took another look. Once the gloss element of the shade was gone it looked pretty good in terms of the shade, so I built it back up again, blotting all the time until there was just a hint of gloss. The other girls mostly went for a matte lip and this looked really really great, even though they all hated it. I will definitely be working this trend this winter, however much my team may disapprove, but I will concede to bringing it up to date by mixing it with more of a berry tone.

VERDICT: CAN. I don’t care what the rest of you say.

Elaine: The 90s didn’t leave the best beauty memories did it? Overly plucked eyebrows, hair mascara, body shop white musk… Yet despite all this, the brown 90s lip has made a comeback with a vengeance. I was apprehensive when applying my brown New CID i-pout lipstick, it just didn’t look right. In fact I looked a bit corpse-like. Everyone else said it looked great but I’m still not convinced.

Verdict: Can’t

Amrita: I loved the 90s. I’m a 90s baby, well I’m an 80s baby but I was in my element in the 90s and it makes me think of playing with my Mum’s brown lipsticks while experimenting with blue hair mascara. However, the brown lippie was a look that I could not get on board with back then, nor can I get on board with it now. I used a Rimmel lipstick I had knocking about in my stash and I don’t know whether it was the wrong shade of brown for my skin tone but I hate this look on me. WITH A PASSION. Give me a hot pink lippie any day of the week because there is just no room for brown lips in my life.

Verdict – Don’t. Just, don’t.




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