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#CanCantDont – Big Brows!



This week the beauty team decided to go for the Big Brow trend, which continues to dominate catwalks, celebs and magazine pages.  The team was split in two, one side were up for the Cara Delevingne trademark, while the other side quivered with fear and had premonitions of Frida Kahlo gone terribly wrong.  However, being true beauty professionals, everyone picked up their brow pens, powders and pencils and worked their magic.  Have a brow(se) to see how we got on…

Lizzy: I embraced this challenge immediately! I was born with the ‘big brow’ and for most of my teen/young adult life I’ve seen it as a (slightly melodramatic) curse. However, along came Cara and suddenly I had people telling me ‘wow you have amazing brows, darling’.  So I took my  New CID i-groom pencil and started feeling my eyebrows in using light upward strokes in the inner corners and light feathery strokes towards the outer corner.  I gradually layered the colour and length, until I felt I had the correct balance.  I LOVE this look, and will definitely be remaining on the pro-big brow bench!

Verdict: I CAN and I will!

Elaine:As a blonde with fair eyebrows I have filled mine in for years so this week’s challenge wasn’t too daunting. Using my favourite New CID i-groom pencil (this is amazing, go buy one)I filled in my brows as I usually would but with a slightly heavier hand. I loved the end result, I thought it looked really modern and cool. They key with this is to do light stokes with lots of brushing out so you don’t get the dreaded slug effect! A big DO from me.

Verdict: A big CAN from me.

Amrita: Being a brunette means I have naturally dark eyebrows, although they are a little sparse in some areas so filling them in is a must-do for me. However, a full on Cara-brow is just not for me because all I could see when I looked in the mirror was brow.  I used my trusty Eyes Lips Face Brow Lifter & Filler with my Bobbi Brown Brow Brush before setting them with Miss Sporty Clear Mascara, a failsafe combo of products, but the fuller look just didn’t do it for me.

Verdict: It’s a big CAN’T from me!

Jo: A long suffering victim of a naturally sparse and weirdly fair brow, I was nervous about this week’s trend. Years spent pencilling, powdering, tattooing and tinting my brows into a semblance of normality meant that I knew Cara D’s uber-brow was way beyond my means. However, I bravely pencilled in some heavy duty fake brows using my trusty New-CID i-groom (a truly fantastic piece of eyebrow wizardry that suits everyone from white blondes to deep brunettes). I’d recently treated myself to professional HD Brows, which gave me a good line to follow, but still this trend is not to be for me. Achieving a resounding thumbs down in the office, I think it is just too much of an ask to take me seriously with a heavy brow when used to my usual pathetic offering.

Verdict: Can’t

Felicity: I love this look and I was quite enthusiastic to try it out on myself. I used an MUA Eyebrow Pencil and tried to create a bigger brow shape as well as a darker tone.  I had to accept the awful reality that I just can’t pull this look off.  I think if I practiced the shape of the brow, I may have a chance, so I’m not giving up lightly!

Verdict: Can’t


Amanda:  I used a MAC pencil in the colour Spiked – I already like creating a good shape with a pencil so adding a bit more definition really worked, a good brow always works wonders! I think too big can look a bit too fake so keep it to a good shape to suit your face shape.

Verdict: Can

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