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#CanCantDont – Faux Bob (FOB)


This week the team decided to trial something hair related, this being the Faux Bob or the Fob! We’ve seen celebs such as Actress Claire Danes pull off the look at this years Emmy Awards, so we thought we would give it a little go ourselves! With the hair clips at the ready this was the result…

Amanda: For this look I found it quite tricky to get my hair feeling secure, as my hair is medium length trying to tuck it in proved to be quite difficult! Anyway armed with hair clips and key products I gave it my best shot. I tucked all my hair in at the nape of neck and clipped this secure with a mass amount of hair grips, I also used L’Oreal Studio Matte & Messy spray to give it a bit more volume. It did work well but isn’t something I would sport on a normal day as it just didn’t feel secure enough. But with the right products and the right hair stylist I think this look is great to mix up your hairstyles!

Verdict: CAN

Amrita: I love short hair and suffer from serious hair envy when I see a perfectly shaped and coiffed bob however I’ve never had the guts to take the leap myself. My hair is my safety blanket that I’ve had trailing down my back since I was little, although it’s a lot shorter and better shaped than it was back then, so chopping it all off is out of the question for me. I’m a creature of comfort and habit so while I wouldn’t hack it off, I could definitely see myself playing with a fob (faux-bob) again.

Verdict: Can (if I’ve got a million pins to keep it all in place)

Christina: For my faux bob I used Trevor Sorbie Professional Blonde grips and Bumble & Bumble styling spray. I don’t think this look is for me. I’m awful at doing my hair so I usually just leave it down or tie it up in a quick ponytail. A faux bob seems like a lot of faff and I don’t like the look on me. My hair is quite fine as well so I don’t think this look would stay all day or evening. If you have thicker hair and more patience than me it could work well.

Verdict: It’s a CAN’T for me.

Jo: As a long term long hair devotee I am terrified of taking the plunge into a short swingy bob, despite frequent pangs to look cool, carefree and effortless with this classic easy to wear style. So, the new ‘Faux Bob’ as seen on Claire Danes at the Emmys looked to be a godsend and I couldn’t wait to try it. I waited until I had two day old hair as I thought this would hold the style better, and got to work securing a low pony/twist affair at the nape of the neck with Hersheson’s bobby pins. I then pulled the rest of my hair through to match the long layers around my face and kind of ‘jzujzed’ it into a round bob like shape. A quick spritz of Label M Salt spray helped me to rough up the texture to hide any mistakes. I think I’d need a few more pins for a full on night out sporting the Faux Bob but all in all I loved this look.


Elaine: After scouring Youtube for ‘how to’ videos I decided that the best method was to pull my hair into a knot at the nape of my neck and then pull bits of hair out of it to frame my face. I did this using some Trevor Sorbie sectioning clips and then teased hair out using a Babyliss back comb brush so the hair was a bit more volumised and bob like in shape. I finished this off with a generous spray of L’Oreal Elnett hairspray to keep everything in place. This is a great way to give your hair a new lease of life but unfortunately I don’t have the hairdressing skills to pull it off properly! I’d definitely do it again if I had more time and maybe an extra pair of hands!

Verdict: Can 





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