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#CanCantDont – Floating Eyeliner


After last week’s Petal Lip challenge, we thought we’d go for a look that’s a lot simpler to achieve and agreed that the ‘Floating Eyeliner’ looked be a walk in the park. However, creating a line, yes, a simple straight black line can actually be quite tricky to achieve when you have no eyeline to guide you.  It’s also mind blowing how a simple black line can change the whole look of your face and your confidence.  We all agreed that this look is amazing on catwalks and on the Cara Delevingnes of the world, but on the everyday girl you just feel a little odd. I think we’ll be sticking to the classic ‘Flick’ eyeliner from now on…

Lizzy: I used Rimmel’s Scandaleyes Thick and Thin Eyeliner to get this look.  I decided to try and add a ‘curve’ rather than have a dead straight line (this could be due to my unsteady hand too!).  It wasn’t too difficult to apply, but I just didn’t feel comfortable wearing it, so it’s a Don’t from me.

Verdict: Don’t

Amrita: I love my eyeliner and I like to think of myself as a bit of pro when it comes to the ‘Flick’ but I can’t get on board with ‘floating liner’. I used my trusty Bourjois liquid liner but I don’t think there is any way of pulling this look off, liquid or pencil.  I’ll be leaving this look to the catwalk and sticking with my bog standard liquid liner flicks from now on!

Verdict: Don’t bother!

Christina: I used INIKA Organic Eyeliner in Black Caviar to get this look, but this really isn’t for me. I love my eye liner, but where it should be – around the eyes. Perhaps I’m just not cool enough to pull off this look but I definitely don’t think we’ll be seeing this trend in real life. One just for the catwalk I think!

Verdict: Don’t

Elaine: This looked great on the catwalks but in real life? Not so much. It was just too harsh and fakelooking to work as a day to day makeup look but would work well for halloween. To create my look  I used a great budget buy from 2 True Cosmetics and Effortless Eyeliner. This is definitely a trend I won’t be trying out again!

Verdict: Don’t

Amanda: I used 2True eyeliner and tried to sweep it straight across the lid, this trend was a definite DON’T for me. Eyeliner isn’t something that I wear usually anyway, this trend looks great on the catwalk, but the DIY version made me look like I was going for some sort of Egyptian Fancy dress party look. As I have hooded eyelids, it really just didn’t look good.

Verdict:Definitely a don’t for me!

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