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#CanCantDont – Glitter Eyes

In this week’s Can Can’t Don’t, we’ve added some sparkle to our Friday afternoon by experimenting with glittery eyes. It’s a look that’s been all over the catwalks recently, but does it work in real life? Here’s how we got on…

Glitter eyeliner

Amrita I love nothing more than a splash of glitter but I’m quite a scaredy-cat when it comes to glitter eyeliner. Maybe I’m just a creature of comfort and find it hard to steer away from my staple black liquid liner but I gave the undereye glitter look a whirl after seeing Cara Delevingne pull it off on the Chanel catwalk and I have to say, I quite liked it!
It wasn’t as eye catching but the Sephora Glitter Eyeliner & Mascara I used in VIP Gold definitely gave my eyes a bit more pizazz that made a nice change. It’s not really a look for riding the Piccadilly line home but on a night out, I’d be all over this look!

Verdict: Can

Elaine I LOVE GLITTER. People who only save it for Christmas are seriously missing out, life is far too short to deprive yourself of some sparkle. With this in mind it will come as no surprise that I was the one who suggested this week’s Can Can’t Don’t after spying the makeup on the Chanel AW14 catwalk. To create my glitter eye I used my Sephora glitter eyeliner and drew a think line a few millimetres below my eye. I then got some gold disks from an old makeup kit and stuck these on top. Amrita took one look and said I looked like David Bowie which in my opinion is always a compliment!

Verdict: Can

Lizzy There are parts of my childhood that I’ve never let go of; The Spice Girls, pop tarts and glitter….So, this weeks challenge got me very excited! We first stumbled across the trend on beauty goddess Cara Delevingne at Chanel’s Spring/Summer couture show, and thought it actually looked quite easy, and for once…we were right! I chose to use glitter with big particles, as I felt this would give that dramatic finish.  I also decided to use a purple glitter to match my newly dyed purple hair, because I’m sad like that. I used a glitter eyeliner by Sephora to line the lower lid, not only did this ensure a subtle hint of sparkle, but it was easy to stick the glitter particles to.  I then added a few particles at a time (it might be easier to use tweezers) and added to the glitter.  It really was that simple, and I loved the finish! I don’t think it’s a winter look (glitter + rain = one hot mess) but I can’t wait to rock this during the summer!

Verdict: CAN!

Christina I must admit I was rather tame this week with my glitter eyeliner compared to the likes of Elaine and Lizzy, but I am out tonight so decided to go for more of a ‘grown-up glitter’ – if there is such a thing. I used the Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Spandex, a sparkly dream of blue, green and purple glitter flecks, plus a few holographic pieces in there in case that’s no enough for you! I applied it on my top lash line and I rather like it. I didn’t think I would. I couldn’t do full on glitter but this subtle sparkle is very pretty. This is obviously very much a night-time beauty look but I might just give it a go again for my Saturday night…

Verdict: CAN

Katie – As a pre-teen, I couldn’t get enough of glitter. Hair mascara, eye shadow, and of course every early 00s girl’s favourite – body glitter. These days, however, it’s something that I avoid – my secret past life as a cheerleader, where we used to have to cover our eyes and hair in silver glitter for competitions, has definitely been enough to put me off sparkly stuff.

Today, I used Barry M Fine Glitter Dust in shade 4, a light silver loose pigment, to line my my eyes, dampening an angled eye brush before application to stop the powder falling all over my face. As I’m quite pale, I found the shade was a little too cool for my colouring, so I then tried to warm it up a little by blending in some bronze Barry M Dazzle Dust into the crease. This didn’t work, but adding black eyeliner to my waterline made me look a bit less frozen… Am I converted back to glitter? Nope, I still look like one of those child pageant queens.

Verdict: Can’t


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