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#CanCantDont- Low Ponytail

This week’s CanCantDont comes with a little inspiration from Kim Kardashian. Now, we know that Kimmie can pull off pretty much ANY look but she seems to make the low ponytail complete with a centre parting look effortless. Read on to see how we all got on with this simple yet effective look….


Christina – I’m very lazy with my hair – most day it’s just down. So the idea of a low ponytail appealed to me – one minute and you’re done. However, this isn’t a very flattering look. Certainly not for me. My hair is quite fine and I’m always zhooshing my hair to give it any little bit of volume; however this look is volume-free with your hair pulled down to the nape of your neck. Maybe if you’ve got thick hair this would look sleek and sophisticated but on me it’s a big NO!

Verdict: Can’t

Amrita – This week’s Can-Can’t-Don’t was my suggestion after seeing one too many photos of Kim Kardashian and her centre-parted-low-slung ponytail all over the Internet but I have to admit that it was a big mistake. HUGE.

Okay, bit of an exaggeration on the ‘huge’ but it was definitely not a good look on me because not only did my hair look flat and lifeless, it also looked greasy and I actually only washed my hair last night! I really don’t know how Kim K pulls this look off on a daily basis and get it right all in one swoop, well half right because sometimes it looks a bit weird on her too.

Verdict: Can’t. Maybe it’s a bone structure thing? Who knows?!

Neelam – When Amrita suggested this look I was horrified! My hair is always parted to the side with a thick side fringe so to try a centre parting with no fringe was very alien to me, I almost felt naked! But hey you only live once, and anything to get me closer to looking like my ultimate girl crush Kim K is worth trying, right? How wrong was I. This look did nothing for me. It made my round face look even rounder and made my hair look flat and lifeless. I think I‘ll leave this look to the Kim K’s of the world, my fringe needs me.

Verdict: Big fat CAN’T

Lizzy – I LOVE a hair challenge, however this week’s has left me slightly underwhelmed.  We were inspired by Kim K’s low pony with a middle parting, personally this is my least favourite of Kim’s dos but I took the comb and separated my hair like Moses and the sea.  I don’t mind it, but I feel my face shape doesn’t suit this look, I also prefer pony tails that are more messy looking than extremely sleek and groomed.  I would definitely do this if I was having a bad/greasy hair day, but it wouldn’t be my first choice.

Verdict: Can’t

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