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#CanCantDont – Red Lips

It’s National Christmas Jumper Day, so we thought what better trend to go for than the festive Red lip? Red lips will always be big news for beauties and will remain the classic christmas look.  Recently there has been some little twists on the trend with touches of coral, pinks, glosses and lip stains. So, have a look to see how we’re wearing the classic…


Lizzy: I do love a red lip anyway, so I was very pleased that this was the chosen trend for today (especially as it’s Friday 13th!).  I decided to go for something different from my usual matte, rich red lippy, instead I went for a coloured lip balm, (Rimmel Colour Rush Balm in ‘On Fire’).  I was really surprised at the intense pigmentation this pinky red offered, it went on really smoothly and easily.  The colour is perfect to where for a daytime look to perk up a dull outfit (or skin!).

Verdict: Can

Jo: Another unwelcome #CanCantDont for me, as the prospect of having my face photographed close up after no sleep thanks to the baby did not fill me with joy.

Nevertheless, I ploughed on with this week’s task of trying a festive red lip, and if you look at the lips and the lips alone, this is actually a good week. Everyone can work a red lip no matter what your colouring, and I borrowed Amrita’s snazzy Sephora Matte Cream Lip Stain, which is a thing of beauty. A perfect velvety finish with some serious pigmentation and an absolute doddle to apply, products like this make me mourn the loss of Sephora in the UK more than ever. Once applied, the texture is incredibly lightweight and definitely has the sensation of a stain rather than a drying heavy matte lippie. I’m intrigued to see its staying power when it has to deal with a sneaky glass of wine later on as I think I may have to treat myself to this little one.

Verdict: CAN. EVERYONE CAN. You can even do it with strong eye make up as it’s Christmas!

Christina: I’m actually quite a newb to lipstick. I was firmly a gloss girl until this year when I finally took the plunge to experiment. Previously, lipstick had always dried out my lips so much that I had to take it off ASAP. Now, of course, lipsticks have come a long way. A festive bold red lip is great for the Christmas party season and this one is a stain that will last you all night. I used Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 03 which was a little fiddly to apply and I got it all over my hands but that may be my lack of lipstick applying experience, plus being uber-impatient. Love the look, it doesn’t budge and will suit most skin tones.

Verdict: CAN

Elaine: Ahhhh red lippie, my old friend. Get the shade right and it instantly adds a touch of glamour to even the most boring everyday outfit. Get it wrong and your teeth may end up looking more yellow than pearly white…I often rock a red lip with jeans and a t-shirt to make it a bit more fun. My failsafe red is a Barry M one which I have worn since I was 16 but today I tried the Rimmel Kate Moss one in shade 110, a coral red. This is a no brainer really, I was never going to not like it. I would usually go for a more blue toned shade as I think it looks more striking against my pale skin but I still think it’s a great look.

Verdict: CAN

Amrita: I’m a strong believer that every woman needs a strong matte red lipstick in her life and while I’m yet to find my Holy Grail, my Sephora Creamy Lip Stain in 01 Always Red is in my top three of red lip colours.

It’s a matte lip stain and has a velvet finish but doesn’t dry out my lips or cling to any dry patches either so it’s win win! I’m a big fan of these Sephora Cream Lip Stains and 01 Always Red is definitely my festive pick.

Verdict: A huge CAN!


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