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#CanCantDont – Sparkly Lips

It’s that time of year when everything is covered in glitter; clothes, shoes, food, animals, so we thought we’d add a touch of sparkle to our pouts.  Before we started, there was an air of panic that we’d end up looking like an extra in a Lady Gaga music video, but the majority was pleasantly surprised…

Lizzy: I am no novice to a sparkly lip, but I will admit that it’s been quite a long time since I’ve attempted one. I used Rimmel Apocalips in Apocaliptic, which is a pinky red shade, as my base. I then used Gosh Nail Glitter Pot in Tourmaline Pink for the sparkle by dipping my little finger into the pot and dabbing onto my lips. I found this really easy to apply as you have a lot more control over your finger than you do with a brush. I decided to gradually build up the glitter, which left me with a gorgeous pink metallic sheen over the red lippy. I absolutely loved the end result and was so impressed how easy it was to do.

Verdict: Can!

Christina: My initial reaction when I heard we were doing sparkly lips for #CanCantDont was that we could all end up looking like drag queens – thankfully that wasn’t the case. The sparkle I used was really fine which meant that the look itself was quite subtle and pretty rather than too in your face. I started with some pale pink gloss as a base for the glitter to stick to. I then put a rose pink glitter over the top. The little pot from GOSH wasn’t fiddly at all and it was really quick and easy to get the look using just my ring finger. As a statement lip this is great. As a practical lip for nights out, it would get annoying and get everywhere. My hands and face are now COVERED in sparkles.

Verdict – CAN – but only if you’re not planning to eat or drink

Amrita: I had visions of this look being really messy, tacky and not for me but it was actually the opposite of all of those. I applied my Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Apocaliptic with a heavy hand, pressed in GOSH Nail Glitter in Silver on to my lips and then finished with adding Laval Glitter in Gold on top of the silver. It took 5 minutes to do and actually looked really good at the end plus there was minimal fall out which is always a bonus.

The only downside is that I was too afraid to talk or move my lips incase I smudged my masterpiece so while the concept is quite fun and different, it could be quite a difficult one to pull off on a normal day or even a night out.

Verdict: Can, but with caution

Amanda: So I was very excited to try the glitter lip this week, I like a bold lip depending on my mood and as its Friday it felt very apt. I used Illamasqua’s Intense Lipgloss which was in the colour Indulge a hot pink colour, I really wanted to go all out with this trend so the bolder and more glitter the better! The glitter I used was a GOSH one, in the shade Rose Quartz. It stuck to my lips well and didn’t hide the original colour of the gloss, it left me with a bold bright glitter lip – which I loved. I really enjoyed doing this trend it was fun and girly and reminded me very much of being younger applying different lipsticks. Although its very bold and ‘out there’ it could totally work with a more toned down outfit, so don’t rule it out. If your daring then go for it I say, it is Friday after all!

Verdict: CAN

Elaine: I think glitter makes everything better. Sparkly nails, a slick of glimmery eyeliner and twinkly eyelashes all rate high on my scale of beauty obsessions, especially when the festive season rolls round. I was therefore really excited when faced with the prospect of glittery lips. Ever the optimist I had visions of me expertly recreating the slick holographic pouts as seen on the Dior catwalk. But no. The reality is that my glitter lips were an absolute disaster, so much so that I won’t even tell you what products I used. All I will say is that do not under any circumstanced use a nude base for your glitter, go for a bright pink or red instead.

Verdict: Can’t

Flic: I am a little bit undecided as to how I feel about how the sparkly lip went for me. On the one hand I love how bold it looked, especially as I wasn’t wearing much eye makeup, however I think I could have gone for a slightly more flattering shade as the bold purple which I went for made me too a little corpse-like. Not exactly what you want for a night out, it tends to frighten people! However, I’m not deterred and I would definitely experiment with different colours to try this again in the future. I love the bright pink with silver glitter which Amrita went for so maybe I will ask her to train me up!

Verdict: Can’t on this occasion….but definitely would endeavour for a can in the future!

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