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#CanCantDont – White Eyeshadow

For this week’s CanCantDont we decided to try white eyeshadow after seeing it on the runway. Could we recreate it and make it look just as good as the models? Read on to see how we got on…


Christina – I have to hold my hands up and say this was my idea. I saw it on the SS14 catwalk for Alexis Mabille and it seemed like an easy one to try. It looked quite pretty on the models (naturally) but in real life it doesn’t seem to be a look many people could pull off. I used Frontcover eyeshadow in Vanilla Ice and had to put a lot on to make it noticeable. On the runway show, they used more of a matte shadow, whereas mine is more shimmery which is perhaps where I went wrong. I don’t think it flatters me at all though – even if it was matte. A small dab of highlighter in the inner corner of your eye is great to brighten your look but this is just too much.

Verdict: DON’T!

Elaine – I’m all for a bit of shimmery white eyeshadow in the corners of the eyes to make them pop, but this week required a more matte shadow and it didn’t go down quite as well. It just made my eyes look a bit chalky and dusty! I can see how this might work day to day with lashings of black eyeliner for a more mod look but for now I think this is best saved for the catwalk.

Verdict: Don’t

Lizzy – Despite my picture I promise you that I did actually take part in this challenge. The number one problem is the fact that white eyeshadow just doesn’t show up on me.  I love white on eyes, especially when it’s framed with black eyeliner as I love that 60’s finish.  However white whacked on willy nilly just washes the eyes out, and frankly makes you look like you’re suffering from extremely dry skin.

Verdict: DON’T

Neelam – This was my first time trying white eyeshadow and it’ll probably be my last! It wasn’t flattering at all and made my eyes look really grey and tired. Perhaps if I tried a more pigmented eyeshadow it would work well but after piling on several layers it barely showed up. I think I’ll definitely leave this look for the models!

Verdict: DON’T

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