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#CanCantDont – Winter White Make-up


As it’s the Christmas season, what better way to get into the spirit of things than trying out some white make-up! From white nails to white eyeliner we tried it all, and for some of us we weren’t convinced, here’s how we got on…

Amanda: This trend was great fun and really got me into the Christmas spirit, I chose to use white eyeshadow in the corner of my eyes to widen and brighten my eyes, for this I used a MAC eyeshadow in the colour White Frost it really lifted my tired eyes and is definitely something I would do in the future, white can be quite a bold colour to use on your face but I think wearing it subtly really works.

Verdict: CAN

Christina: This look is definitely not one for me. I wasn’t even sure I was going to participate I felt so strongly about it, but I went for something relatively easy. I have used white eyeliner on my eyelid rim in the past to make myself appear more awake and wide-eyed but this is going too extreme for me. I borrowed Amrita’s NYX white eye pencil and applied along the rim and in the inside corner of my eyes. A little bit is nice and illuminates the eye area but I put on quite a look to get this look. It made my lower eyelashes white, giving me quite an alien look. Not something I really want to convey. In my opinion this is best left to the catwalks.

Verdict: Don’t 

Flic: I used L’oreal Time Resist White eyeshadow and NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk to create this look. I had hoped that I would really like this wintery look as I’ve seen and liked it on various models, however I hadn’t taken into account that I do not have quite the expertise of the MUAs who had created these looks! Although I didn’t mind the white eyeliner on the water line as it did make my eyes appear bigger and brighter, I felt that the white eyeshadow looked very 90s on me because I don’t have the skill required to make the look current. The result reminded me of the sort of makeup I used to sport to lunch time discos in secondary school when you were allowed to get changed out of your school uniform….not a look I was especially keen to return to!

Verdict: Can’t, but I know it can look nice when done properly! 

Elaine: A white eye done properly has a twiggy-esque coolness about. Team it with loads of black eyeliner, massive eyelashes and a peach pout and you have the perfect 60’s look. This was what I was trying to channel for this week’s Can Can’t Don’t and I think it worked pretty well. I applied L’Oreal’s Colour Infailible Eyeshadow in ‘Time Resist White’ all over my lid with a wet brush to get a doe eyed look. Next, using my trusty 2True Effortless Eyeliner, I drew a black line on my upper lid and smudged underneath. I tend to wear this quite often anyway so knew I was going to be a fan, anything 60’s related beauty or fashion wise always makes my heart skip a beat!

Verdict: CAN

Jo: As soon as I heard the term ‘white makeup’ being bandied around as a suggestion for #CanCantDont this week I was filled with the fear of God. Memories of myself as a naive 12 year old enthusiastically sporting iridescent white, silver and icy blue eye makeup threatened to overwhelm. I knew immediately for a fact that I would not be able to carry this look off as a wannabe sixties siren; no way. Some of the girls contested that this look was wearable for anybody, but personally I have never EVER seen a warm toned girl work this look well – it always ends up making the remainder of your face look unattractively flushed. The only nod to this that I could consider would be a standard white eyeliner in the water line, which does act to widen the eyes very effectively and can really work as long as lashings of dark eyeliner and mascara are applied in the usual place, but I felt this was a bit of a cop out and still not properly trialling the trend. Instead, I have spared you all my face and gone for a white nail.  I’ve used Dr LeWinn’s Base Coat, then China Glaze in Dandy Lyin’ Around, which is a lovely pure white shimmer with very finely milled crystal flecks. Two coats give an almost opaque finish, which I think is the most wearable as three can look a bit ‘Tippexy’. I finished this off with the best topcoat of all time, China Glaze Fast Forward.

Verdict: A mixed bag. An absolute DON’T in makeup terms for anyone with a warm complexion, but a CAN from me for a festive white nail. Excuse the pregnant puffy hand.

Amrita: Now I know the theory is that white eyeliner on your bottom waterline can help you look more away but this is one look that I just can’t get on board with. The white eyeliner on my bottom lash line is too harsh against my skin tone, even after I tried to blend it out with a light eyeshadow. I used my NYC Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk with a really pale beige from the Accessorize Beauty ‘Lovely Day’ palette and even though they are two of my favourite products, this is just not something I can pull off.

Verdict: Can’t 

Lizzy: I was quite enthusiastic about giving this a go, however the result didn’t exactly go to plan.  White eyeliner always makes eyes look bigger and brighter, and I love the sixties twist by adding black eyeliner.  I used NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk for the base, I then used Urban Decay Glide On Eye Pencil in Zero to edge the white with black.  However, i think I should have used a black liquid eye liner to get more definition between the two colours.  I do think this works on some people, so with a bit more practise I would like to think I’ll look exactly like Twiggy, but for now I look like Frankenstein’s Bride.

Verdict: Can’t 

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