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#CanCantDont – Nude Lips

nude lips

We’ve noticed that the nude lip trend has been EVERYWHERE these past few weeks! NYFW, LFW and the red carpet has seen models and stars sporting this look so we thought we’d try our hand at it too! Keep reading to see what we all thought…

Christina – Nude lips to me have always seemed a little pointless. Why put a lipstick on that has no colour? But I love this look. It’s chic, sophisticated and very low-maintenance. I used Sainsbury’s Boutique range in In The Buff, a super moisturising lipstick which doesn’t dry out lips but is very pigmented. It means I can still wear lipstick but also make the most of my eyes, which is what I usually focus on for make-up. I don’t believe in strong lips with fully-lined eyes, but minimalist lips with full-on glamour eyes is perfect.

Verdict: Can

Elaine – I often go for a nude lip over a bold one purely for convenience. The fade isn’t obvious so you don’t get the god-awful lipstick liner look after a few hours of wear, and generally the formulations aren’t as drying compared to bolder colours. However it is so important to get the right nude for you. Do you want to look like a corpse? Exactly. For today’s Can Can’t Don’t I used a Sephora lipstick I picked up abroad a couple of years ago. It is a very pale nude and I can only just get away with it because in some light I look semi-albino…People with more olive skin tones would look ridiculous wearing it, and similarly I would look a tad unhinged if I wore a browny nude. The aim is for it to look like an enhanced version of your own lip colour whilst talking your skin tone into consideration.

Verdict: Can

Elizabeth – I love experimenting with colour when it comes to beauty, so when I was told that our next challenge was ‘nude’ lips, I shuddered slightly.  My lipstick collection could give Joseph and his Technicolor coat a run for his money, so I very rarely rock a nude.  I used Soap & Glory’s Lipstick in Super Nude and I was pleasantly surprised.  Instead of that awful ‘concealer’ finish I was dreading, it just enhanced the natural colour of my lips.  I did quite like this and I would possibly wear this during the day, but I’m a garish lipstick girl at heart, so I’m still not completely convinced.

Verdict: Don’t…want to!

Amrita – I am not a fan of nude lips at all. After one too many brushes with an awful Barry M number when I was growing up (the one which looks like concealer so could probably pass as a touch up stick) I tend to avoid the trend altogether. That was until I came to the realisation that I had the nude trend all wrong because instead of thinking ‘nude’ meant a revolting shade of beige, I should be looking for a lippie which would enhance my natural lip colour giving that ‘my lips but better’ kind of look.

So, with that in mind, I found what I was missing in my life was a rose toned nude which would compliment my natural lip colour and I’m happy to report that I have found it. My go-to for that kind of nudey lip is a Rimmel Colour Crush Balm in 710 Drive Me Nude. It’s quite sheer so I do have to give it a couple of swipes to build up the colour but it has just the right touch of rose and brown to suit my skin tone.

Verdict: Can – With the right shade of nude!

Neelam – I’m a big fan of nude lips! They are so easy to just slick on and go. I think the main reason why some people don’t like them is because they haven’t found the perfect shade – they think nude lips means that dreaded concealer lips looks – but trust me there is a nude out there for everyone! Its just a question of experimenting and finding a shade that compliments your skin tone. Today I used Velvet Teddy by MAC – one of my all time favourite nudes. It’s a great nude for people with a deeper skin tone. It’s matte, goes on evenly and doesn’t make my lips dry. What more could I ask for?

Verdict: CAN!

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