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My Internship with CCD

Our fabulous beauty intern, Matilda Zarza, tells us all about her experience while working at CCD PR over the last couple of months:

I’ve been an intern for the Beauty team for nearly two months now, and have thoroughly enjoyed it, and learnt so much! After coming back from travelling in July, I was unsure of what to do career-wise, but doing something in PR/Marketing always appealed to me and with my obsession with beauty, this led me to reaching out to CCD to ask if they had an internship opportunity!


Interning for CCD in the beauty team has been invaluable; it has given me so much knowledge of how PR works, and has made me realise how much I love the world of PR! I have thoroughly enjoyed that every day is challenging and fast-paced and everybody is so friendly and happy to help and support me! I’ve always looked forward to coming into work knowing that I’d be learning something new!

Working in PR is so exciting, because no two days are the same! The way you think a day might turn out to be often turns out to be completely different! Being flexible and a great multi-tasker is definitely essential in PR, and I love the challenging nature of it. Keeping on top of your work and staying organised is also a key component to working in PR, which includes to do lists, organising your tasks for the day and week ahead and generally keeping on top of everything! The feeling that you get when you secure coverage based on something you created and worked on is an amazing feeling, and makes all the hard work worth it!

Although I have done a mix of different tasks, here are some of the general day-to-day tasks I’ve done while working here:

  • Creating and publishing content for a client’s social media platforms
  • Creating and sending out press releases
  • Strengthening relationships with journalists
  • Organising and sending out mailers
  • Researching and brainstorming ideas
  • Mounting coverage
  • General admin

My internship for CCD has given me invaluable experience and knowledge, a challenging and exciting environment to work in, the chance to meet so many lovely people and overall, been so much fun!


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