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The Life Of A Beauty PR Intern

What’s great about being a Beauty PR Intern is that every day is different. Having been an intern for the CCD Beauty team for a month now, I can safely say that no day has been the same!

Being an intern is so much more than the stereotypical tea-making, photo-copying role (FYI: I’ve only made 1 cup of tea here in a month!). Be prepared for lots of information to be thrown at you (you’ll definitely need to take notes!).

It can be so hard to get into the beauty industry, especially if you are lacking experience. This is why internships are perfect! Having only been here a month I feel that I’ve already gained a lot of valuable knowledge about the beauty industry and how it works, although I still have so much to learn.

Like I mentioned before, every day is different. Although generally my tasks are to mount coverage for sending over to our clients, putting together and sending out mailers, writing and sending out the odd press release, researching ideas, general admin and so much more! It’s SO hard to write a job description for a PR intern as what we do is so varied.

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 14.51.57

An example of one of our Summer mailers that I helped put together and send out.

Although sometimes I may not have the most exciting of tasks it’s great to see what goes on at a PR agency. I feel I joined the CCD Beauty team at an exciting time as we’re currently planning a big event for one of our clients so it’ll be a great experience to see how an event is put together – from the early stage brainstorms to the actual execution of the event. So much more planning (and stress) goes into them than I originally thought.

In my opinion, if you’re passionate about the Beauty industry, one of the best ways to get into it is by doing an internship – the knowledge you’ll gain is invaluable and plus you’ll have a lot of fun along the way! Also, remember that even the people at the top had to do a few internships themselves!

So, have fun and gather as much knowledge and experience as you can – your internship is what you make it.

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