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Ted’s Grooming Room Takes Canary Wharf!

We recently had the pleasure of hosting a launch for the new Ted’s Grooming Room in Canary Warf, making it the twelfth barbershop in this rapidly expanding enterprise. Ted’s Grooming Room branches from the iconic fashion brand, Ted Baker, and paired with expertly trained Turkish barbers it is already blazing its own unique trail in the hairdressing market.

We invited a handful of journalists to the new Canary Warf location to have the opportunity of experiencing the Ted service on the house. Many a dishevelled lad wandered into our parlour from the bustling streets of London and post treatment went on his way as a sharp and suave cut above the rest.


The location offers suit-clad businessmen, subject to high-pressure jobs, the opportunity to take a load off and relax while they are transformed into the professional image of the likes of Suit’s Harvey Spectre. Voluntarily allowing another man to hold a sharp device to your throat is probably not a pastime most men are particularly accustomed to, but at Ted’s you can rest easy because these Turkish barbers have inherited the art from a long-standing and masterful barbering tradition.


Many of our guests had never received a professional shave before, let alone the offered extras such as brow threading and ear flaming. Men so often are inclined to neglect those small but vital details. No one appreciates sprouting ears or a uni-brow and to be honest, now there’s really no excuse for it either. Pride in one’s appearance says a lot about a man’s character. Let’s face it; most gents are pretty useless when it comes to manscaping, but now they can take heed because Ted’s Grooming Room is here to tend to all of that jazz for them.

The shop is staged as a traditional barbers with a modern twist, facilitated by neon lighting. Customers walk in from cold and rainy London and are transported to the hub of Istanbul for the duration of their stay, relaxing into a full-face massage or sipping on Turkish coffee. The event ran smoothly other than the fact that the hot towels set off the fire alarm and temporarily evacuated the entire building! Luckily all that was on fire was the fresh gents turned out post Ted treatment!


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